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Automated Bag Packaging Equipment

American-Newlong has been providing automated bagging equipment, open-mouth bag packaging machinery, closing systems and equipment for over 35 years. Our solutions embody innovation through research and development, reliability through top of the line components and superior engineering concepts, and a clear understanding of our customer needs and expectations. We have built our business and stake our reputation on delivering on our promises and honoring a long standing commitment to after market support. Our sharp focus has allowed American-Newlong to design superior automated bagging systems specifically built for the following industries: Seed, Feed & Grain, Salt, Minerals, Aggregate Products, Pet Food & Chemical.

    User Friendly

  • Our high speed automated bagger equipment utilizes an advanced 10” color touch screen control interface. Conveniently located, it delivers all controls necessary for normal operation. Through advanced programming, we are able to provide diagnostic information, onboard troubleshooting guides, and a complete operation / maintenance manual, all at the finger tip of the operator. We are also able to cater to user defined custom features for specific needs (password protection, special controls, etc.). To that end, our standard package includes multiple warning lights and audible alarms, error history logs, complete I/O status lights, and “hand off auto control” for maintenance personnel.

  • Built To Last

  • Our automatic bagger equipment is designed to last +20 years in a high speed production environment. For starters, our machine frame sets the bar for rigidity, strength, and sheer machine weight. We compliment this design with top grade bearings, pins, and bushings.

    Quality Components

  • The key to success for automated bagging revolves around quality components. We meet this challenge by sparing no expense on pneumatic cylinders, valves, regulators, and sensors. These devices are controlled through an Allen Bradley Compact Logix Processor using RS Logix 5000 software.
Net Weigh Automated Packaging Machines
Video Model Speed Bag Type
3CM-55 355 BPH Poly
3CM-52 300 BPH Poly
3CM-5U 600 BPH Paper
7CM-TS 1,650 BPH Poly (Fill and seal machine using tube stock)
  3CM-P 1,200 BPH Paper / Poly
3CM-PS 1,200 BPH Paper / Poly
3CM-PDS 2,000 BPH Paper / Poly
6CM-P 2,000 BPH Paper / Poly
3CM-6KH 1,200 BPH Paper
Dual Tagger (optional item)
Gross Weigh Automated Packaging Machines
Video Model Speed Bag Type
  3CM-3G 300 BPH Paper / Poly
  3CM-5G 230 BPH Paper / Poly
3CM-5FG 350 BPH Paper / Poly


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