• User Friendly
  • Energy Efficient
  • Reliable End of Arm Tooling


Robotic Bag Palletizers

In 1986, American-Newlong sold the 1st Fuji robot “BAG” palletizer in North America. This pioneering spirit continues on today as we introduce innovative concepts to solve the problems and challenges of our customers. Currently, there are more than 10,000 Fuji robotic bag palletizers sold globally.

American-Newlong chose to promote and sell the Fuji product line because their robot was specifically designed to palletize. We chose not to adapt the status quo (pre-designed industrial robots) because they lacked focus on the packaging industry. We are in the business of providing the best bag palletizing equipment available. It just happened to be an articulated 4 axis Fuji robot. With that in mind, we do not paint, weld, build cars, or tend machines. We have designed robot palletizing systems to perform consistently and reliably for over +20 years.
  • User Friendly

  • All facets of the robot bag palletizer had been developed with the end user in mind. Through a simplistic mechanical design and an advanced software platform, we are able to deliver a high tech solution to remote locations with little to no access to tech savvy personnel. It is noteworthy to mention that a laptop computer IS NOT required to program the robot. All programming functions are done onboard through the 10” color touch screen. Pallet pattern changes take seconds to execute, troubleshooting begins at the touch screen with embedded alarm and diagnostic features, and production monitoring / maintenance tools comes standard with each robot.

  • Energy Efficient

  • Our series of robot models deliver the most energy efficient articulated robot palletizing solutions available. As an example, the EC-101 robotic palletizing machine can palletize 50 lb bags at a rate of 12~15 bags per minute while consuming less energy than a common hair dryer. The kilovolt average for this unit is only 2.0 KVA. This undoubtedly sets the bar for earth friendly bag palletizing equipment. This amazing fact is made possible by the simplistic mechanical design complimented by superior programming and controls.
  • Reliable End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

  • American-Newlong believes the key to high reliability and consistent throughput is centered around quality which is the catalyst to reliability. Given this fact, we have dedicated countless hours in developing a tough, lightweight, high speed, and durable end effector.
  • Planned Growth Automation

  • Successful companies in need of streamlining their palletizing process must remain diligent through tough economic times. ROI is critical and American-Newlong understands this and more importantly, we know how to get the job done. Our design team will evaluate your project and provide phased growth options that can fit a fixed budget this year while considering future growth in automation expansion when your company becomes more profitable.
Video Model Speed Payload
  EC-61 600 CPH 198 lbs.
EC-101 1,000 CPH 264 lbs.
EC-171 1,500 CPH 242 lbs.
EC-201 1,600 CPH 440 lbs.
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