American-Newlong is your North American bag packaging specialist and leading manufacturer of automated, open-mouth bag packaging machinery, closing systems and equipment. We offer a wide range of filled bag sewing machines, automatic bag heat sealers, robotic bag palletizers, bag making machines and semi-automated and automated bagging equipment that weigh, pack, close, check weigh, distribute, and palletize.

American-Newlong automated bagging systems have been proven to perform reliably in the food, fertilizer, grain, feed, and chemical industries, among others. Our machines use many types of bag materials.

We take great pride in manufacturing high quality, technically advanced equipment that allows our customers to produce products faster, more efficiently and cost effective, with less downtime.


American-Newlong is supported by our parent company, Newlong Machine Works, Ltd,. Japan. Acknowledged as the premier developer and supplier of packaging equipment worldwide, Newlong’s proprietary technology and development capability has made it a leader in the industry in both the American and overseas markets.


American-Newlong has built a business on integrity; we deliver on our promises and honor a long-standing commitment to after market support, and we stake our reputation on it.

In an industry where automation is necessary, we have remained focused on listening to and anticipating our customer needs and expectations through personal communication.


When customers purchase from American-Newlong, they know that they are purchasing reliable equipment made with top of the line components and superior engineering concepts based on years of customer feedback, research and development. We are invested in our customers and their success.

American-Newlong equipment is user friendly and built to last using quality components, designed to stand the test of time with minimal maintenance.