EH-Series Impulse Sealer Machine

Suitable for sealing PE bags

The Newlong EH-Series seals one polyethylene bag at a time and requires a single operator. The EH-Series impulse sealers plug directly into a standard wall outlet and operate by depressing a foot pedal to engage the heater bars. After the operator places the bag between the upper and lower jaws, they are closed mechanically using the foot pedal and held in place. Then, to create the bag seal, heat transfers to a metal band underneath a protective Teflon fabric, which sandwiches the bag between it and a resilient, heat-resistant rubber pad. The operator removes their foot from the pedal, which releases the jaws from the bag, and takes the sealed bag out of the machine. An attached table supports the weight of the filled bag, which can be raised and lowered to various heights to accommodate many bag sizes. Temperature and seal time are adjustable on the control panel to create the best seal for your bag material. With impulse sealing, heat is only retained in the heater bar while the foot pedal is depressed; once the bag is released, the heater bars cool quickly, significantly reducing energy consumption.


EH-Series Feature Table

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