DS-9C Bag Closer

The fastest single needle bag closing machine available for all types of filled bags.

The Newlong DS-9C bag closing head is the fastest single needle bag closing machine available (2,700 r.p.m.) for virtually all types of filled bags.   Well balanced rotational parts ensure very little vibration and promote a highly reliable closing system. The DS-9C filled bag sewing machine is ideally suited for high speed bag closing and filling applications where conveyor speeds exceed 80 FPM.

   A unique but simple fully enclosed oil bath lubrication system greatly extends the life of moving parts, promotes reliability and longevity, and reduces maintenance costs. Upon exit of the bag, a built-in air cylinder driven guillotine style cutter will automatically cut thread and or crepe tap. This feature reduces material costs and promotes a consistent finished appearance.

**Please note, DS-9 series machines will be shipped via LTL.

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