3CM-PD Automatic Bagging Machine

Automatic Bagger featuring two fill-spout for a simultaneous double filling system


The Newlong 3CM-PD features a dual spout filling system. Each two bag feeding, bag clamping and bag filling units work in line with one filled bag closing unit, with a capacity of 1,600 bags/hour. This highest capacity enables existing auto or semi-auto bagging units to be replaced with a minimized number of 3CM-PD, aiming to economize plant space as well as to design a stream-lined bagging process.

This system delivers the same fully automated benefits as the 3CM-PDS but at a lower cost. Operator interface, control system, and the basic machine function remains the same. This system offers an air cylinder driven traverse movement option verses a servo option.

Speed: 1,600 bags/hour

Filling System: Two spout, double filling

Bag Material: (a) Paper or paper-laminated woven/cloth, (b) woven-cloth/ inner laminated, or (c) polyethylene

Fill Weight: 20-50 kg/bag

Bag Size Range:

Length (mm) (a) 750-950, (b) Any 200 range, 550-1,050, (c) 550-750

Width (mm) 380-460

Gusset (mm) (a) 75, (b)(c) -

Bag Top Closure: (a) Stitching, Pinch Seal (b) Stitching, or (c) Heat Sealing

*Options (a), (b), (c) depend on the style of closing equipment you choose.

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