7CM-TS Bag Making & Filling System



The Newlong 7CM-TS fully automatic fill and seal packaging system offers a seamless and complete automatic bagging machine designed to pull from a roll of tube stock, create the bottom seal, fill the bag, and seal the bag top. The 7CM-TS combines three major operational processes into a one-line operation at the world’s fastest speed of 30 bags per minute.

The whole process including bag making, product filling, and bag top sealing are done fully automatically by PLC based control at the local operation panel.

The 7CM-TS incorporates a newly introduced duplex net weigher along with a high speed chute and operates at a speed of 30 bag /min.* (based on 25 kg filled bag weight of resin pellet). This automated bag packaging system provides a filled bag without a side seal so you can feel confident that this style of bag will not rupture due to a weak side seal.

*Based on 25 kg filled bag weight of resin pellet

Speed: 30 bags/minute

Products to Bag: Resin Pellet or similar

Accuracy: ±1/1000 FS,2σ

Bag Material: Kraft Paper, PP/PE woven cloth and heavy duty polyethylene

Bag Weight: 25 kg/bag

Empty Bag Size: 700-850(Length), 380-460(Width), 35-80(Gusset) mm

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