End of Arm Tooling/End Effector

An articulated hand to attach to the end of the robotic arm

End of Arm Tooling/End Effector

The Fuji articulated robot is paired with an American-Newlong end-of-arm tooling, or end effector, which is designed to fit most standard bags. The American-Newlong standard end effector is a 7-finger tooling that attaches to the end of the robotic arm. It interacts with a product conveying system, removing bags from the product conveyor and placing it in a pre-programmed stacking pattern on a pallet. Our engineers work with customers to design and build custom hands that are tailored to each project.

End effectors can be customized to suit the customer's needs and packaging style; end effector options have previously included, but are not limited to, 7-finger, 8-finger, box, and vacuum-grip.

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