The type of closure you select for your bags is as important as the bag material you choose! American-Newlong offers two types of closures on our bag closing equipment; sewn and heat seal. Sewn closures are an excellent choice for many products, but a heat seal can provide additional layers of protection to your packaged product. Heat seal closures will help protect your product from handling and transport damage, decrease the permeability of your packaging, and act as a protective barrier against microorganisms, temperature, and light.

Newlong knows that a poorly made seal can contribute to the deterioration of the product. Therefore, Newlong has devoted much time and effort to research throughout the development of our closing equipment: this research ensures that our heat sealers produce high-quality, strong, and consistent seals to protect your products.

American-Newlong offers many different styles of heat sealers to match your needs, and we divide them into three (3) categories: impulse sealers, band sealers, and heater bar sealers.

Impulse sealers

Newlong impulse sealers (or press sealers) seal one bag at a time and require a single operator.

Impulse sealers plug directly into a standard wall outlet and operate by depressing a foot pedal to engage the heater bars. The operator places the bag between the upper and lower jaws, which close mechanically using the foot pedal, to hold the bag in place. Then, to create the bag seal, heat transfers to a metal band underneath a protective Teflon fabric, which sandwiches the bag between it and a resilient, heat-resistant rubber pad. The operator removes their foot from the pedal, which releases the jaws from the bag, and takes the sealed bag out of the machine.

An attached table supports the weight of the filled bag, which can be raised and lowered to various heights to accommodate many bag sizes. Temperature and seal time are adjustable on the control panel to create the best seal for your bag material.

With impulse sealing, heat is only retained in the heater bar while the foot pedal is depressed; once the bag is released, the heater bars cool quickly, significantly reducing energy consumption.

Types of products suited for impulse seal closing include rice, grain, fertilizer, and potting soil.

View the EH-600-AC model in action on the Newlong Thailand YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3j-WPdLUtk

Band sealers

If impulse sealers are not meeting your small bag production demands, the Newlong band sealer (also known as continuous sealers or rotary sealers) series would be the next level of sealer available.

Newlong band sealers apply constant heat through upper and lower brass heating blocks, combined with steady pressure from the tension of the Teflon bands and rollers to seal and convey your bags in a continuous motion. The control panel offers a digital temperature controller and adjustable speed controller to optimize the seal on your bag material. Newlong band sealers can accommodate many bag lengths and product types.

Newlong band sealers break down into two (2) additional categories: small-bag and heavy-duty PE band sealers.

Small bag band sealers

The Newlong BD-series sealing systems are designed specifically for polyethylene or vinyl-coated paper-bagged products that weigh between one (1) and five (5) pounds. The horizontal models allow for adjustments in three (3) directions: horizontal, vertical, and incline: our vertical models offer height-adjustable conveyors. Additionally, on select band sealer models, upgrade options include a combination of the following; stainless steel construction, hot printer, emboss coder, trimmer, gusset roller (standard on BD series), dust cleaner, and air evacuation devices.

Types of products suited for small band sealer closing include: snack foods, other assorted food products (horizontal sealers), and
liquid, powdery, or granular products (vertical sealers).

View the BD+7 SUS model in action on the American-Newlong YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3j-WPdLUtk

Heavy-Duty PE bag band sealers

Newlong has developed the HS Series sealers based on its extensive experience producing machines for all types of bags. The HS Heat Sealer seals heavy-duty PE/PPE bags or inner PE layer bags made of various bag materials. Users can choose Teflon or steel band systems for their bag material and product. The Teflon band has a smaller after-heat and is quickly cooled. It also produces smooth seal surfaces and is most suitable for PE bags (service life is approximately three (3) times that of a steel band). The steel band has an after-heat, which makes it suitable for sealing PE laminated woven cloth bags. Both water and air cooling systems are incorporated. The user can use any of them depending on the type of bag, packaging environment, and other factors.

View the HS-32 model in action on the American-Newlong YouTube page: https://youtu.be/LWJGY90py38

Heater Bar sealers

Newlong heater bar sealers utilize an inline series of heating and cooling bars, rollers, and Teflon or steel bands to seal heavy-duty bags holding products that weigh between ten (10) and one hundred (100) pounds. Newlong heater bar sealers break down into two (2) additional categories: pinch bag sealers and seal and stitch sealers.

Types of products suited for heater bar closing include rice, animal feed, fertilizer, salt, food, or other granular or powdery products.

PInch-bag sealers

The Newlong PBC/PBS series pinch bag heat sealers are high-performance machines designed to seal pinch bottom open mouth (PBOM) multi-wall paper bags-either double or single—an inline, fully automatic sealing process from bag insertion to closing. Bags are held between carrier chains at the top and transported throughout the machine. Fixed and spring-loaded chain guides support the bag carrier chain to prevent bag tops from slipping and shifting during sealing. The temperature is easily adjusted and monitored for the best results. In addition, to maintain the correct pressure, the air intake is regulated and digitally monitored.

View the PBC-3W model in action on the American-Newlong YouTube page: https://youtu.be/xuh5vc_Z1Dk

Seal and Stitch sealers

The Newlong KS Series sealers trim, stitch, heat seal (Inner PE), and heat-seal tape sealing can be done automatically on a single-line operation. This series is best for heavy-duty paper bags with or without an inner PE film. Like the pinch sealer, bags are held between carrier chains at the top and transported throughout the machine. Heat seal tape (over-tape) is automatically folded at the center, applied over the trimmed bag top, and automatically cut after sealing. This series has a compact footprint and creates a sift-proof, dust-proof, and insect-proof seal to prevent product contamination.

View the KS-12 model in action on the American-Newlong YouTube page: https://youtu.be/rsYGXjRCvIQ

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